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B.E.A.M. data is now stored 250 meters deep in a coal mine located in the Arctic!

As you might have heard, GitHub launched a program to create an archive of all the open-source software they currently store and preserve it in the Arctic for a thousand years. On February 2, they made a copy of the active open-source repositories, including the one that contains the contents of this archive. (Sadly, the "files" section was added after February 2, therefore only the "messages" section got included.) All the data was then written on reels of PIQL films, ensuring a long lifetime.

On July 8, GitHub finally managed to transport the repositories to the Arctic Code Vault at Svalbard, and they gave out "Arctic Code Vault Contributor" badges to the users who contributed code to this 2020 GitHub Archive Program. You should definitely watch the official promo video from GitHub:

The badge the account got:

What does this mean? Probably not much for now, but it's great to know that B.E.A.M is secured somewhere deep under the surface for the future generations for another thousand years!

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